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Author K.M. Gibson, photo by Jason Tkachuk

I wrote these stories. They’re free to read.


Reason the first: What I want most out of writing is to share it. This is my art, my pride and joy, and I enjoy it. I want to share it with others who might enjoy it too, and make it as accessible as possible. That means I don’t want you to have to pay, not if you don’t want to! If you enjoy what I’ve made, and happen to get lost in it too, you’ve paid me in something more valuable.

Reason the second: I want to make a difference in environmental practices. That’s why kmgibson.ca is hosted through Green Geeks, an environmentally friendly web host. Though some of these works are available for print on demand for paperback reading, I am ever more aware of just how many resources humans use, and just how much damage we make on the world without realizing it. If there’s a way to cut down on paper and still share a story, I’ll take it. No one raindrop ever thinks itself responsible for the flood, after all. Each book counts.

So welcome! I hope you find something here for you.

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The Longest Night Cover

Title: The Longest Night
Release Date: November 22, 2013
Contributors: Aubrey Watt (Cover Design)
Pages: 176
ISBN13: 978-1530955152

Even with nothing left to look forward to, Catherine continues to survive, passing each day in solitude. Until she encounters a wounded man in the woods. He is no stranger to her. The memory of him was the only thing that kept her going for so long. Though he means the world to her, she would mean nothing to him; they have not once exchanged words. Determined to save his life, she is prepared to risk hers. The fight for a life will force her to face a past she had long since buried. It will be the longest night of her life.

For some, it takes the end of the world to bring about who they truly are.

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Title: Campsie
Release Date: February 29, 2020

Three years ago, the unthinkable happened: a young woman died in the bush by her own hand. But the residents there don’t know just how dark this stain on their community really is. When Rosie seeks treatment for the trauma that lingers from this, her past starts to haunt her and bleed into her reality. But it’s not only the ghosts that are haunting her—it’s the secret that lies within Campsie.


Short Stories

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Fantasy, Horror, Mature themes

In an attempt to deliver the last hope the kingdom has to survive an uprising, five travelers search refuge in a forest and find themselves trapped by something old.

Pages: 45 Words: 8400



Shiloh, a troubled, bullied girl with an unhappy home life, befriends something living in her attic.

Pages: 31 Words: 5400



Amber has built her life upon one star on a pedestal, but now she has hit rock bottom and so has her idol. What is it like to meet your role model when you’re both down and out?

Pages: 46 Words: 7000

Edited Projects:

Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle (L. Steinworth)

Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle (The King’s Renegade Book 1)

L. Steinworth

Alden knew life in the Shadowen Thieves Guild would cost him greatly, but when their next mission means abducting Princess Mayli Drake of Ammos, the price is too high. Defying the guild, Alden sets out to return Mayli safely home in hopes of restoring peace with the kingdom of Brimley.

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